About Us

Welcome to Enoralifestyle Spa located in Ibadan. A world class spa with complete spa facilities. Our aim is to help in promoting therapeutic well being for health optimization.
Spa Facilities areā€¦
Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Gym, Body Steamer, Sauna, Relaxation rooms, Skincare and Pain management services. All our Spa packages come with free access to the swimming pool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Body Spa and a Relaxation Spa?

Body spa is any spa treatment geared toward maintaining or improving your outlook. For example full body scrub, teeth whitening, Facials,pedicure and Manicure etc.

While Relaxation Spa is something that is tailored towards pain relief, anxiety, stress management, insomnia and depression. For example massage, soaks and bath, mud bath, Sauna therapy, Body steaming, Float therapy etc.

Do you offer erotic massage?

No we don't

Why should I make reservation?

we admit strictly on reservation

Is there parking

Secure parking is available

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